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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best car transport services available. By the “best”, we mean a company that works to meet all of our customers’ requests and special requirements in the specific time frame at a reasonable price. We are continually updating and adding helpful information for our customers. At America Auto Alliance, we want our customers to be well informed about the auto shipping process, so they can be prepared and feel confident in their decision.

About Us

American Auto Alliance is a family owned and operated vehicle shipping business. We have been in the car transport business for over ten years. We work with our best automobile transporters to provide our customers with excellent car transport services.

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Our Reviews

I absolutely recommend American Auto Alliance! I was very impressed with their service. They were quick and my customer service representative was in contact with me throughout the entire process. If you want a great car transport service, you should definitely try working with American Auto Alliance.
This was my first time using this sort of service. My friend told me about American Auto Alliance and I thought, why not!? I'm glad I did so, I was very happy with the service they provide. The car was picked up as scheduled and delivered as promised) I had no issues at all!
If or when (definitely when) i have to transport another vehicle, i would definitely use American Auto Alliance!! Good customer service same as communication throughout the entire delivery process. The truck driver was very friendly and willing to help to make sure I'm happy with delivery. Thank you guys and best of luck!
Great service, the car was delivered to me within 3 days flat after pickup. The car arrived in proper condition and on time as promised. I would absolutely use them again and recommend them to anyone!

Our Services

  1. Open Auto Transport

    Open car shipping is the least expensive option available in automobile transportation. Your vehicle will be shipped door-to-door on an open trailer car carrier. Open car transport is the most popular and economical of our vehicle shipping options.
  2. Enclosed Auto Transport

    For exotic, classic, beloved vehicles we offer Enclosed Auto Transport (with this type of shipment clients can expect ultimate protection of their vehicles during the time of transport). Most Expensive type of transport.
  3. Expedited Car Transport

    Expedited Car Shipping Services are the most preferred transportation. American Auto Alliance is one of the most dependable expedited car shipping companies in the industry and are committed to shipping your car to you on a timeline that is safe and fast

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Before your vehicle arrives at your delivery location you will already know the final price. Nobody will show up at your door with a price other than what we discuss with you prior to shipping your vehicle.

Yes! We can ship anything internationally that we ship domestically! For more information please call to +1 407-731-5948

Yes. We always recommend to the customer that they are there for pickup and delivery of the vehicle, if that is not possible you may have a designated person there to handle the process for you. This person will be required to go around the vehicle with the driver and go through the inspection to make sure the vehicle was delivered in the condition it was picked up. In addition if the vehicle was sent with the remaining payment to be made upon delivery someone will need to be there to make payment to the driver unless other arrangements are made.

The average transit time from pick up to delivery on any vehicle going coast to coast will be between one and two weeks. From there you can figure your transit time based on how far your vehicle is traveling, i.e. from either coast to the Midwest might average 3-7 days.

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